Father Child Tour Program

“Glory of the children is their Father” A special Father –
Child Tour Program With MICEpro Travel Solutions

“Not every successful man is a good father. But every good father is a successful man.” There is a shortage of adventure trips for fathers and children to participate in. And while each seems to propose up an exciting or daring component, many are missing a very important component. For an adventure to be truly satisfying, it should be a meaningful adventure. That’s what we call the “experience”. So many people go on a mission trip for the first time and come home overflowing with passion and energy. When we recommend such trips, we think one reason that these trips are so powerful because people have never experienced anything so meaningful. We live our lives at hyper speed with so much abundance that we hardly have a chance to find deeper meaning in the chaos of it all.

The key element, the special spice that makes this all so satisfying is sacrifice. There’s something so magical about being part of something bigger than you, about giving yourself away to a cause that is rich with purpose and meaning. In our comfortable daily lives, we live a life that is full of stuff and hectic schedules. This “life of abundance” is actually a life of poverty in many ways. We rob ourselves of the joy of giving of ourselves. This is a great way to give your Child the experience of a lifetime.

we are focused

Our motive is:

• To deepen and strengthen the relationship and bond between a Father and Child, which is foundational for everything else

• To provide supportive environment for stability and continuity to Father-Child relation

• To provide such environment that essentially develop physical, emotional and spiritual safety or security and trust in a Father-Child relation

• To develop parenting skills that enhances social characteristics and social expectations.

So what are some of the things that we do to achieve a richer relationship between a father and Child?

• Firstly we ensure that these experiences are rich in fun, enjoyable and exciting, set in the midst of great beauty… Himalayas, rainforest, mountain, stream and beach.
   ✓ How much fun are we to be around for the most-part?
   ✓ When was the last time you had fun with your son?
   ✓ When was the last time you had fun yourself?

• Secondly, you intentionally have time together… sharing experiences together… just the two of you. No distractions, and no greater priority… at least whilst you’re with us. And finally, there are intimate moments shared together… times where each Father really affirm his child (after being coached first of course), and then an intentional discussion over lunch on the day of the hike

How do we do it?

✓ Firstly, we gather a community of men… made up of every father and child present.

✓ Secondly, most of what we do is done in the outdoors. As much fun as each of our outdoors adventure is, the majority of them also provide a degree of testing and challenging

✓ Thirdly, we provide training & instruction, multimedia presentations each evening that speak into the relationship and roles of fathers & Children, and the difference between conventional adulthood and authentic adulthood etc.

✓ Finally, the week culminates in a form of ceremony where each father is given the opportunity (once again after receiving some coaching beforehand) to officially call his child up into either young adulthood or authentic adulthood (depending on the age of the child of course). Child can point moment in time he/she left childhood behind.