Industry Orientation Program for Tourism Training

MICEpro has created and launched Industry Orientation Program (IOP Program) for Tourism Training in India for tourism professional universities and colleges, which we have targeted to be assimilated into Tourism professional Universities and colleges.

MICEpro special training program has been put together to give first hand information about the trade, trade secrets to the students. The program is designed to help travel professionals “learn to earn” at their convenience, through a combination of outdoor education, Industry orienteering courses and other informational and relationship- building programs.

The Industry Orientation Program or IOP Program for Tourism Training is a cooperative effort between the tourism professional universities and MICEpro Travel Solutions. Taking students out from “backpack to briefcase”. IOP provides the tourism professional students exposure to skills, needed in preparation for the real complex world of employment.

Globalisation of education and economy has led us and many universities to reorient and reshape its policies and programs to make the Indian Higher Education System more relevant. Our highly experienced team of researchers and educators focus on quality and excellence to expose the students to the Industry. It is visualized that professionally qualified graduates with a sound knowledge of their core disciplines and expertise in a concerned skill will have more openings in hospitality, service industry and self-employment sectors.

To meet this challenge, we would like to encourage the incorporation of universities for value added, add-on courses to be opted by students as a parallel sub-discipline while pursuing their degree level education.


The objective of the program is to expose the students of Tourism professional universities and colleges to the real complex world of employment. It will be a 6 days program which will be completely focused on the utility for job, Industry expectations from the students, self-employment and empowerment of the students. Team of experienced researcher and trade experts will take the practical sessions on email writing, market identification, sales and marketing techniques used in tourism industry, trade secrets and some management games to keep them busy with their moral up in regards to the reall complexity of the employment.

This is a general practice of any tourism professional university to equip the student with a certificate/diploma/degree along with the field trips. We urge the tourism professional universities to accept the need of offering a wide range of career-oriented programs in various related areas.

Location: Selected locations of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

Meals: All meals, Mineral water bottles, tea/coffee/juices and snacks at the camp.

Fun and learning session will include:

Camping, First hand Information on the complexity of the trade by the industry specialists, Management games, Session on industry expectation from the students, White water rafting, Trekking, Rock climbing, Rappelling, Stream crossing, Bird watching, Yoga, Natures walk etc.

Program Description

Day 1

– Arrival at the camp Venue and orientation briefing by the Camp Manager
– followed by tents allotment
– Lunch
– Evening tea/coffee and snacks at the camp. Evening at leisure
– An open discussion on IOP by the trade expert during the campfire.
– Dinner and overnight at camp

Day 2

– Early morning wakeup call followed by yoga session by professional yoga Guru, Breakfast at the camp.
– Post breakfast, management games session under the supervision of management guru i.e., Save the World, Human Dragon, Curtain Down, Acid walk etc
– Post lunch, an unusual session on “Expectation of the Industry from the student” by the trade expert. This session will also cover the aspect of being out from the comfort zone and real complex world of employment.
– Evening tea/ coffee and snacks at the camp
– Post evening tea, play volleyball, badminton and cricket etc.
– Campfire followed by dinner.
– Overnight at camp

Day 3

– Early morning wake-up call followed by nature walk with in-house naturalist.
– Post breakfast; know about safety briefing and leave exciting session of Rafting.
– We encounter the rapids like, Return to center, Rollercoaster, T-off, Golf course & clubhouse etc. Students can also enjoy their hands at the exciting game of cliff jump and body surfing etc. Drive back to camp for lunch.
– Post Lunch, reach the site located for rock climbing and rappelling. The activities are carried under the strict supervision of our qualified instructors. Drive back to camp for evening tea coffee and snacks.
– Post tea, there will be an exciting session of treasure hunt with the help of maps and compass at the campsite.
– Campfire followed by dinner. Operation experts will also take a session on “Fire drill‟ at night.
– Overnight at Camp

Day 4

– Early morning wake – up call followed by warm-up exercises.
– Post breakfast, practical session on sales and marketing from the industry expert.
– Post lunch, practical session on effective e-mail writing, operation challenges and accounts by the operation director.
– Evening tea/coffee and snacks followed by river crossing and stream pooling session.
– Camp fire and dinner at the campsite.
– Overnight at camp

Day 5

– Early morning wake-up call followed by warm up exercises.
– Post breakfast an open classroom session on wilderness survival. This session will thoroughly cover all aspects of wilderness survival, emergency kits, Map reading, knot tying, incident response and will also serve as preparation for the field session.
– After the session, we will leave for a full day trek under the strict supervision of our qualified instructors. After a short break, continue the gradual trek ascent.
– The session, survival night will be an overnight trip into a forested area. Participants will be provided with Dom tents, sleeping bags, mattresses and dry fruits during the survival night.
– Learning’s “The idea of the program is to know how you and your hiking partners will deal with an unexpected night out. This session will truly allow you to experience a night out in the local mountains with minimum survival gear.
– Overnight in Dom tents

Day 6

– Early morning wake up call. Students will descend down to the camp and course will finish at around 8.00 am. Breakfast at the camp.
– Post breakfast, management games by the Management Guru.
– Lunch at camp.
– Post lunch a feedback session on IOP followed by a painting session on the learning’s.
– Post tea, enjoy the local sightseeing and visit the nearest market.
– Campfire and celebration dinner.
– Overnight at camp

Day 7

Breakfast at camp, post breakfast, time to pack your memories and luggage with packed lunch and depart for onward destination.

Outdoors give individuals an exceptional opportunity to develop ability in themselves which one would need in life to lead on all frontiers. During the camping and outdoor education programs our team professionals aim at:

• Enhancing the student’s self-confidence and self belief

• Nurturing students identity and personality

• Developing social skills and sense of companionship

• Developing a sense of excitement and urge to live life to the fullest

• Inducing the sense of accountability for themselves and others by using their time constructively and participating in camp duties that benefits the whole school camp community.

• Encouraging students to explore and engage in stimulating activities in the outdoors that fosters an enjoyment of learning and an appreciation of the natural world.

• Develop students self esteem by encouraging individuals to overcome personal and group challenges that have positive learning outcomes.

• Develop the coordination and cooperation spirit

• Provide an opportunity for leadership and personal growth.

General information about the Campsite:

During your stay at Camp you will be provided with:

– Beds with mattress, pillows, quilt/linen/Sleeping bags

– Aqua guard filtered water bottles

– Fact sheet about the camp and surroundings information folder in each tent

– There will be running hot and cold water facilities available in the camp. We provide toilet kit – per person in the Camp.

Travel Tips

What is recommended and general travel advice

You’ll be able to make the most of holidays in the Indian Himalayas & mountains. So if you’re properly prepared you will have the best of experience and enjoyment

A Note on Local Customs

The local communities always welcome & meet guests from “outside‟ therefore, one should respect their local customs and be sensitive to their habits. Behavioral modesty is appreciated

Personal Intimacy can draw unwanted attention & may provoke exaggerated response at some places. Visiting pilgrim/temple/sacred places should be handled sensitively. Do not try to be a part of local rituals without invitation.

Walking Kit

• Personal First Aid kit/medicines/sticking plasters/blister treatments Oral

• Re-hydration Solution sachets are good to combat loss of sugars and salt (not that we anticipate this to be a risk on our holidays).

• Water flask but not a breakable thermos.

• Camera (at your own risk of loss)

• Penknife (Swiss army, Leatherman etc)

• Sun screen

• A walking stick

• Torch and spare batteries: a head mounted (Miner’s Lamp) torch is very good

• An altimeter or small GPS can add interest to the walks.

• “Wet wipes”, tissues and toilet roll

• A small notebook and pen/pencil if you wish to keep a diary for notes.

• Binoculars, if you like bird watching of natural beauty

• A pack of cards can be useful in the evenings