Leadership Development Camps

MICEpro has designed special LDC programs for school and university students. These programs offer great self exposure within the students wherein they get to know about their inner-self abilities and realize about their hidden efficiencies. Leadership programs bring in the confidence among the students and helps in improving their personalities. These are specially designed programs and are run based on the below agenda.

With “Himalayan Vagabond Adventures” as a trusted unit of MICEpro, we are proud to have been associated with India’s number one University Punjab University for LDC. It’s been a great pleasure to conduct LDC program for Central University Jammu, Central University Shapur, Maharaj Agarsen University Baddi, ITFT Kangra, Mayoor International School Raipur, DPS Rampur, Bishon Cottage School Shimla, YPS Patiala and Bombay International School every year.

Leadership Development Camps

Core concept:

During the entire course you all will learn how to adjust in adverse conditions in the limited resources provided. In wilderness or outdoors we cannot expect for the kind of luxury that we usually get at our homes. Being in the outdoors, means to bring you out of your comfort zone. You don’t tend to get the same sort of comfort that you usually get. Outdoors means to make lesser use of limited resources. Outdoor is basically a place where we get challenges in front of us because it’s a new place, new environment, and new people. We can also find out what our strengths and weaknesses are. We learn to push ourselves beyond our limits, our physical strength and mental strength. We learn to work as a team.

Objective: The objective of LDC is to

– Strengthen confidence and self reliance
– Develop team spirit
– Push ourselves beyond our limits
– Overcome though fear
– Gain awareness about environment and issue that are degrading our natural resource
– Learn basic outdoor skill like camping, tent pitching, rope knots, basic cooking, survival and many more


– This trait has defined the course of nation on a large scale and families at the unitary level. Leadership is required at all levels and all areas. Grooming leaders for the future thus becomes the responsibility of every parents, teachers, schools, organizations and hence Micepro-HVA programs.
– The program focuses on empowering participants with three important qualities to build leadership instincts in them. These comprises:-
POWER: how to harness and use it
People skills: how to communicate and mobilize people
Problem solving: resolve issues and bring order to an event.

Activity plan:

– LDC activities are entertaining, challenging, and creative and will help introduce participants to tough situations.
– Participants will be introduced to basic survival and rescue techniques in the outdoors
– Command and group tasks will encourage students to take leadership roles and execute the assigned tasks

The program is split into two sections

Base camp – 4 days

Higher camp – 3 days

Salient activities:

– Physical fitness
– Wilderness trekking
– Rock climbing
– Rappelling
– River crossing
– Group & command tasks
– Basic outdoor education; Tent pitching/rope knots/ Adventure equipment intro
– Night survival/rescue
– Basic First Aid
– Community service
– Management Skills

List of things to bring:

Note: Students are requested to pack their belongings in rucksacks/ duffle bags, as they are easier to carry on treks. Please avoid carrying suitcases. Try not bringing too many stuff. Just keep it light.

1. Hand Sanitizers
2. T-shirts
3. Light weight long trousers
4. Thermal Wear/Warm Inner wear – mandatory
5. Sweat shirt/Sweater – 2
6. Wind proof jacket
7. Slippers/ floaters
8. Rain gear (a must)
9. Thick/warm jacket especially for mornings and evenings.
10. Water bottle for the trek
11. A knapsack/day bag for the trek to carry your water bottle, camera and rain gear, and pack lunch.
12. 2 pairs of shoes (not new. 2nd pair for emergency).
13. Sun glasses, cap, sun block
14. Retainers for spectacles/ sun glasses
15. Camera with extra batteries/ film
16. Flashlight with extra batteries & Bulb (Best suitable – LED head lamp).
17. Personal Toiletries & medical kit
18. It is a good idea to carry a pocket- knife if you have one.
19. All things to be packed in a lockable rucksack or duffel bag.
20. You’re sense of humour!

Medical Requirements:

– Students already on medication should carry their medicines with them
– If you have any allergies or medical problems, it should be communicated to us prior to the trip.

Ensure Minimum Impact on Local Culture

– Please do respect local customs and traditions specially while visiting local villages and religious places.
– We should be modestly clad specially while crossing villages, towns and inhabited areas as well as while camping at beaches close to villages/ towns.
– For female guests trousers/ Capri pants/ blouses/ t-shirts are accepted
– Shorts and T-shirts for the men are fine.
– Please do not encourage begging by giving money to the locals.
– A polite traditional folding of hands and saying `Namaste’ is a fine gesture.
– Photographs should be taken only after seeking permission of the people concerned.