Outbound Training Programs

MICEpro Outbound Training Programs are an effective option to provide or create a learning environment outside the corporate premises (usually in natural surroundings), wherein participants learn while performing certain interactive exercises and carrying out certain adventurous activities.

The focus of OBT Program is on Experiential Learning. It ensures learning for all the participants and is specially designed to develop team spirit, team work and leadership skills among all the participants by involving them in various activities and various adventure sports. These programs also inculcate among the participants, the learning’s of various life lessons through its specially designed games and activities. These acquired learning’s help them to overcome various day to day life problems and get a control over the tasks assigned at work place.

Emphasis of Management Games Include:

* Managerial Effectiveness
* Competency Mapping
* Train the Trainers
* Management & Counseling
* Group Interaction
* Team Building and working
* Creative Problem solving
* Leadership Skills

Module We Offer:

* Mentoring & Coaching
* Emotional Intelligence
* Goal Setting
* Communication & Presentation
* Skills Stress Management
* Creativity Customer Service
* Conflict Management
* Assertiveness
* Strategic Thinking
* Managing Change
* Decision Making
* Change Management

The program is a combination of the following soft adventure/creative physical and mental challenges –

* Vertical Limit
* Knotty Problem
* Walk the Talk
* Night Navigation
* Pulling Together
* Into the deep
* Team Dominance
* Mind over Matter
* Innovation of year
* Australian walk
* Spider’s web

* Rock Climbing
* Thinking out of the box
* Tent Pitching
* Map Reading
* River rafting
* Cliff Jumping
* Carpet Volleyball
* Tug-of-War
* Raft Building
* Kangaroo roll
* The great Escape