MICEpro Product Launches

Hosting a successful event for any product launch is just like throwing a great grand party and MICEpro Travel Solutions is the right door to knock to organise such grand events.

Product launches and brand building events demands seamless team work to carry out the whole brand building process effectively and when MICEpro team work behind a product launch event, then it is assured to be a grand success. Our team handles all the management work from building your brand, showcasing your products or nurturing key relationships to your event designing and all this is achieved under a smooth coordination.

We help you to plan the event and make sure every aspect, from concept to delivery, amplifies your message and represents you exactly the way you want it to be like.

Apart from the successful corporate events we also organise client and sponsor dinners, awards ceremonies, and high-level management meetings.

Product Launches

We consider every aspect of an event experience like the surroundings, the food, the service and entertainment, every little thing, adds on the surprise and delight in the event. Above all the goal remains to extend the reach of your message across with maximum impact and hence deliver you the best possible results for your investment in return.